is a Decenralized Project is a Decentralized Project
to Boost Easily and Quickly your Social Networks and
to Promote your Airdrop with the Erc20 ASMT token !
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distribution asmt

10000 members

dapp asmt

airdrop round3



web booster social networks
Boost easily your product or your website quickly on all your social networks !
asmt token erc20

project upcoming
We plan to make an ICO in January 2019 earlier
We must at least to sell 1000 Lead programs before programming ASMT ICO
1 Lead program is at least 1000 ASMT ($10)
1000 ASMT x 1000 = 1,000,000 ASMT sold = $10,0000

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AirdropSmart (ASMT) ICO rating

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project upcoming